It is so easy to get up in the morning and do all of the fun things you like to do around your business and life. But what about all of the not so fun stuff that is necessary for you to do in order to be successful in your life and in your work? Often it is hard to get motivated to do that not so fun stuff. It can be a particular problem in our jobs or our businesses. We may have a passion for certain parts of our jobs or we love to create the product or offer the service for our businesses. But all of that other necessary business stuff can really be a bore and seem just so “hard” to do. We often use the excuse, “I am just not good at …….”  What would it look like if you shifted your perspective and decided to love or at least like all of the work you need to do in order to be a success?

Creating a perspective shift from a negative to a positive approach to everything around your business or job can be very freeing. It takes practice and work to do so. It doesn’t mean you will walk through life with rose colored glasses or that everything will be fun and easy. But a positive outlook will help to lighten everything you do and make all of those hard tasks so much easier. Look to find excitement in learning something new. Instead of saying, “I am not good at……,” say “I am excited to learn how to be better at…..” Embrace the love of learning new things. Don’t tell yourself that you are too old, not smart enough, not good enough or not….. (Insert label). Instead say I don’t know how to do this now, but I can learn.

I have just started using QuickBooks and I fully admit to my limited knowledge of how to use it.  I know that I am more than capable of learning how to use QuickBooks and once I do I am sure my record keeping will be so much easier. I am excited for the opportunity to add another skill to my resume. In a couple of weeks I have a meeting with my accountant to help get me started. I will practice and get better from there.  I know every time I learn something new to help me with my business I will have more success and more time to do what I love.  I try my best to learn love the work I have to do and let go of all of the negative self-talk.  Open your mind to positivity and embrace learning new things. Don’t label yourself with “I am not…” or “I am too….”  I bet you have way more ability than you give yourself credit for!