We hear the phrase,  “think outside of the box,” so often. I am saying it again here. It is a lesson I am reminded of on a regular basis. Just in this past week I have had financial advisors contact me about doing some collaboration with them as Design Your Encore focuses on the nonfinancial side of retirement planning. Working together would create a wonderful balance for clients as they would plan their financial future along with their purpose in life future. I never would have thought to connect with financial planners but it makes great business sense. Now I am trying to open my mind more and think of other ways I could collaborate with other professionals. I am so excited about it!

It doesn’t matter what your encore life looks like. Whether you want to start your own business, a new career or plan a full and purposeful retirement, you should think outside of the “normal” paths people often take. Think about what would work best for you and brainstorm new and different opportunities. Imagine your encore life without boundaries. Let go of all the old labels that have been attached to you in your life. Have fun with it!