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I was feeling stuck in progressing with my horse (and life) and reached a point where I knew I had to make some big changes in me if I was ever going to create real change in my life and with my horse. I set my mind to the fact that over a 6 month period I was going to do whatever it takes to break barriers that were holding me back from achieving my goals. I reached out to Lisa to be a life coach to hold myself accountable, provide a different perspective, change my thinking and give me honest feedback that I knew no one else in my life was able to do for me. And she has done just that!

I am half way into that 6 month period and I have seen some huge breakthroughs in my thinking and finally feel that the permanent change I was looking for is possible. I really feel that when this period is over, I will have made a complete transformation in my progression and accomplishments with my horse (and life). I am excited to see the results and think I might just keep Lisa in my life to keep me on track from there. I appreciate the opportunity she has offered to finally have lasting change I have been struggling to achieve for some time now.



I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa since 2013. Her mindful approach to teaching and life in general really hit home with me. She has acted as a mentor as I grow my business, Affinity Farm, Inc. Her guidance is always upbeat, concise, and inspiring. She has helped me to look at my life holistically and find areas where I need to focus and strengthen. Lisa has also conducted clinics for my students and IEA team. She teaches with patience, clarity, and directness. Students come away feeling inspired and challenged.

Kim Allan

Owner/Trainer of Affinity Farm, Inc, Skaneateles, NY

I met Lisa Eklund as a student at Morrisville State College, when I was entering the Equine Science and Management Program as a transfer student. While riding and training under her watchful eye, we often had to just get it done! Having a combination of green horses, horses with varying pasts, and seasoned show veterans, we were instructed to ride them all as if they were good, moving forward through and out of the turn, looking where we are going, and riding off our eye. Establishing this mindset early on brought success, and when we doubted it is when the issues would arise.

Now that I have left this program, and I have ventured into a different aspect of the equine industry, I can tell you that this philosophy still holds true. I have been successful as a rider, as a farm manager, and now in the retail sector of the industry, and the same principles apply: look forward, move forward, and keep your eyes up! Being able to see where you’re going, moving towards a goal, and also knowing that your next best option could lead you down another path were the messages I took with me, and I continue to utilize. James Sardelli

James Sardelli

Senior Equestrian Account Executive, Hermes of Paris