Retirement: Hitting Your Stride

Wow! Retirement is not like it used to be!

These days is not an ending but, a new beginning. Instead of feeling like you are moving away from something shift your perspective and move towards a whole new fulfilling chapter!

Is there something you have always wanted to do but felt between family, career and life obligations that it was just not possible? Now your life commitments are going to be different and you will have the time not just to dream of the possibility, but actually design it and put it into action!

This is not about the financial side of your retirement planning, this is about ensuring the richness of your daily life. How do you want to walk through the rest of your life? At Design Your Encore I will help you plan a personally fulfilling and rich retirement. With a vision for your future in mind, I will help you design your retirement map. You will be prepared to “Hit Your Stride” when you begin this exciting new part of your journey. Let me partner with you in this exciting adventure!

A variety of coaching choices are offered:

One on one coaching calls by phone or Skype: Contact me for a packing and price lists.

Group coaching calls by phone or Skype: This choice can make coaching and consulting more affordable if you have a tight budget. These groups will be offered on a regular basis with a specific start and end date. If you know a group of entrepreneurs who would like to take advantage of this let me know and I can create a group session just for you. Contact me to set up a group or check my courses page to see when the next group session will start.

Group workshops: I will periodically offer group in person workshops. If you would like me to come to your group to do a workshop contact me and I can tailor it to your needs. Or, look on the courses page to see when a workshop is being help.

Talks/speaking opportunities: Contact me if you would like me to come speak for your group or organization. I offer talks that can be tailored to your needs. My speaker sheet that can be downloaded as a PDF can be found on my courses page.