If you have been thinking you want to do something different in your life that will make you feel fulfilled but you have no idea what that may be, I have a great suggestion for you. Find some local women’s groups that support women entrepreneurs, women in not-for-profits and women wanting to make great changes in the world.  I am speaking directly to women in this post as this is Women’s History Month and women in history and women making history has been on my mind. I will say though, if you are man reading this, I am sure there are groups you can find as well for inspiration.

Go to a few different group meetings as they are all a bit different and some will feel a better fir for you than others. I just was at a meeting yesterday at a group that supports women in business, particularly entrepreneurs. I was so inspired by all of the women I met. I knew some of them from other groups and I met several new connections. Here is a sampling of the amazing things these women are doing. Two I met when I walked in the door were retired and involved in non-profits. One of those was around hiring young people to help plant trees and do other beautification projects in the community. In doing so, the young people are taught all sort of skills to help them become more employable and they also are able to give back to the environment and their community. The other not for profit was developed by one of the retirees to teach gratitude to young people. I have simplified the missions behind both of these groups, but the point is that these women were energized and fulfilled by their altruistic missions and I was moved by their drive and purpose.

I then met the founder of the women’s group and another member and they were discussing their plan to run in The Boston Marathon next month. Neither of them had done anything like this before. They are both close to their goal of $7,000 each for Katherine Switzer’s 261 Fearless, Inc.  not-for-profit that they need earn in order to qualify to enter the marathon. They have been training hard and are going to give it their all. Wow! They are training to run in a marathon and fundraising for a favorite charity at the same time. After more networking with other incredible entrepreneurs we listened to two inspiring women talk. One, Stephanie Miner, is the Mayor of Syracuse and the other was Rev. Leah Ntuala from The First Presbyterian Church of Seneca Falls, where the National Women’s Hall of Fame is located. I was so impressed by both of these women and what they have done for the Upstate New York Community.

I met many more amazing women and could go on and on. After the main meeting another smaller group of us got together to discuss how we could best support equality for women  I left the meeting last night feeling like my world has opened up so much through these connections. I am motivated to do more as an entrepreneur as well as to become more active in community service. Every time I go to the meetings and events hosted by a variety of groups and organizations I walk away humbled and with a new connection, friend, idea or inspiration. Take the time to connect with others. Open your world and find that right path for you. I would love to know ways you have been able to open your world and find your passion. Please comment and share.


In peace,