“Designing Your Path to Change.”

What is coaching? A coaching relationship can be a powerful experience, involving the development of new possibilities, new levels of achievement and personal growth. The coaching relationship between the coach and the client is founded upon mutual trust and respect. The central focus of the coaching relationship is the well-being of the client.

Fundamental to a successful coaching experience is learning. The coach supports the client in reaching the desired outcome of the client through guided questioning. The coach supports the client in exploring new ways to view: situations, individuals, possibilities, and in developing new approaches, plans, strategies and actions. It is the client’s responsibility to take actions and achieve their goals.

I offer life change and career change coaching and consulting services using mindfulness based practices to help you live your best life and find your unique path. If you feel stuck in an area of your life or career I will be your partner in your journey towards self-discovery and self-purpose.

“Change is hard but staying stuck is even harder.”

Change is hard but staying stuck is even harder. May 2016 marked the final week of my teaching career at Morrisville State College. What a journey it has been! I taught and coached in Morrisville’s hunt seat riding program for 18 years. There were many good times along with some very tough times. Those tough times were what pushed me forward to self-reflection and making changes in the way I walk through my life. I have always been a seeker and someone who will make a change in my life when I know it is time. What I have learned these past 18 years is that I am blessed with the quality of grit which has helped me move forward through some very rough spots and come out the other side as a stronger person, more connected to my true self. I have studied mindfulness and meditation and many other different philosophies and practices. The many different things I have learned have come together in a unique way. I have taught students how to ride and at the same time learned that I can also help them find the right tools to be successful in their lives. I have gained skills in helping my students and others to make changes in their lives and to find the career paths that are right for them. I am an observer of life and people. That doesn’t mean I am inactive in my life. It means that I love to study and learn about how the world and the people in it work and connect.

In my younger years my decisions to change were much more knee-jerk responses to feeling stuck but I made little plans on where to go. I would move away from something but not always know what I was moving towards or have a solid plan. I have always been lucky to land on my feet, regardless. But now I have learned to look deep inside and really know what it is I need to change. My retirement has been a process over a few years. There were times I knew I wanted to move forward but wasn’t sure where to go. I did a lot of self-reflection, mindfulness work, meditation and worked with coaches to find the next turn in my journey. When I realized that the part of my job I loved the most was combining life lessons with riding and doing life and career support for people off the horses as well I knew I wanted to become a coach. So I researched many coaching programs and found the right one for me at the International Coach Academy. I took these classes while still working at Morrisville over an 18 month period. I also began a slow transition in my job letting go of my IHSA team coaching responsibilities while helping to support and train the new head coach. I also helped her in the transition to taking over my faculty teaching job. None of this process was knee-jerk in any way. In the past year I have begun my business in my free time so it already has a good start on this first day of being a full time coach. I feel I have left my job with grace and maintained positive connections with the students, alums and my colleagues. I am moving towards something positive and not away from something negative.

In order to improve your life you need to not be afraid to change old habits and situations. But you should do them after good reflection on what you are doing and why. Keep looking to learn and discover new ways and find out what works the best for you and your life. Don’t be afraid to try a different path. Don’t be afraid to try new things even if they don’t work. If something doesn’t work try something new until you find what does work. Stay positive in everything you do and don’t leave a trail of negativity behind you. Maintain your integrity. Don’t let the tough times make you run and hide. It is okay to sit for a while and lick your wounds but then it is time to move forward and get on with things. Learn from the tough times and failures and grow. Change is a wonderful thing! You will be rewarded for your efforts!

Mission Statement

The mission at Design Your Encore is to offer people in the “encore” of their lives (over 50) the support they need to design their best next chapter whether it be in their current careers, in full retirement or as encore entrepreneurs. This is your time for you!

My ultimate vision is to help make this a better world by making positive shifts in the lives of my clients through my coaching them in their careers and life.

The focus and core values of The Mindful Equestrian are:

Living a mindful life by not staying stuck on events of the past or creating imagined outcomes in the future.
Inspiring clients to practice mindful living
Following an ethical path of honesty and Integrity
Coaching with a positive, optimistic and open-mind
Combining passion with perseverance = GRIT
Excellence in consulting and coaching
Ensuring accountability in coach and client
Finding balance in work and play
Understanding mistakes and failures are the stepping stones to success